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F. A. Q.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

1) When I go to purchase The Tuning C.D., there are a number of choices.  Which one should I buy?

This depends on where you live and the ensemble in which you perform.  Most musicians in the United States and Canada tune to A=440, however some orchestras may tune to A=441 or A=442.  Music in Europe, South America, Australia, Asia and other areas vary greatly and may be tuned to other calibrations.  If you are unsure, ask a music educator.

2) Does one copy of The Tuning C.D. work for tuba, violin, clarinet, piano, timpani and all instruments?

Yes, one copy of The Tuning C.D. will work for all instruments from flute, bassoon, trumpet, euphonium, violin and double bass to slide guitar, bagpipes, timpani, piano and much more.  

3) Should I purchase The Tuning C.D. on mp3 or flac?

This is up to you.  Mp3 provides good qualiy audio, but flac, or lossless sound, is the best.  If you are going to use The Tuning C.D. everyday, you may wish to consider spending a few extra dollars for flac ($12.99).  On a side note, if you purchase the mp3 through amazon, it is the least expensive purchase price ($8.99), but you are only allowed one copy, while you are allowed up to five copies through itunes ($9.99).  

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