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The Tuning C.D. dramatically improves singers and woodwind, brass and orchestral string players pitch, though many have noted The Tuning C.D. also promotes a more centered and mature tone quality.  


Awarded two United States patents, each track of The Tuning C.D. sounds a sustained drone of octaves and fifths.  The octaves are in equal temperament while the fifths are pure.  This type of drone sets-up an intriguing environment.  When a musician performs a note with The Tuning C.D., he or she will immediately recognize if the note they are performing is in or out of tune.  This is due to slight intensification, or beats.


In order to get rid of beats, one must carefully raise or lower the performed note.  It is this repeated process of shaping the note sharp or flat to get rid of beats with The Tuning C.D. that trains the ear and reinforces good intonation habits.    

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